Caroline Hopkins

My current theme is "Discipline" in which I return to my childhood's world of horses, show-jumping and shows for breeders. I'm interested in relations, conditions and power. Another is no-places, abandoned shards where nature meets culture. Outside socieatal planning.

  Born in 1970, living in Mölnal/Göteborg. Grew up on a dairy farm on the coast of Småland - the Tjust Archipelago.



2020 Frölunda Kulturhus, separatutställning fall of 2020, theme "Instrisic".

2019 Backa Eat, opens Thursday 28th of February, theme "Stand or fall".

2019 Tjustbygdens Konstförening, 12-25th of October, Gamleby.

2017 RiverCity Gallery "Horses" August 19th — September 3rd.

2017 Separate exhibition at Frölunda Kulturhus, opening April 1st. Open through 30st of April.

2016 Tjust Art Association.

2015 Liljevalchs Art Venue, the Spring Salon.


I mix acryl and oil colours using brushes, but mostly color shapers, knives and other utensils. I find it interesting to contrast two or sometimes more  colours. I call it duochrome. Sculpture: Clay and wood.

  "Discipline" is one theme in focus now, another is "travel".

  Education: Courses at Lindholmens Konstskola, Art College and Gerlesborgsskolan.

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