Caroline Hopkins

Living in Göteborg, Sweden. Born 1970 in Västerås, Sweden Grew up on a dairy farm in Tjust Archipelago and north of Stockholm. Studied environmental economics at university in Göteborg, Uppsala, Sweden and Georgetown, USA.



2021 Frölunda Kulturhus, separate exhibition March 6th through April 4th: "The Time We Have".


2019 Backa Teater, Göteborg, "Stands and Falls".

2019 Tjustbygdens Konstförening, Gamleby.

2017 River City Gallery "Hästar", augusti i samband med Häst-EM i Göteborg.

2017 Frölunda Kulturhus, separatutställning 1-30 april.

2016 Tjustbygdens Konstförening, Gamleby.

2016 Lindholmens Konstrum, tillsammans med Stina Gunnarsson.

2015 Liljevalchs Vårsalong.

Technique: I have developed my own method, mixing acrylic and oil paint in different layers using utensils other than brushes. Often just a couple of nuances. The spectrum in this monochromatic universe is actually vast. I sculpt in clay, concrete, plaster, wood. Photo: Sony Xperia Compact and iPhone SE.

  "Discipline" is one theme I've explored over the last years. Another is "The Time We Have". The intersection of nature and culture is often a source of communication, conflict, energy.